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Buy Windows VPS Hosting with high performance by Onlive Server

Onlive Server offers the best Windows VPS which is optimized by our experts and delivers amazing performance at unbeatable prices. Windows VPS hosting is a perfect solution for those companies and individuals who runs high-traffic websites and more complex applications in a highly secure environment. Onlive Server provides very secure, efficient and low-cost Windows VPS Hosting Plans that fulfils the requirements of businesses. Our simple and careful coding ensures that your websites perform as you would on your physical machine. With a Windows VPS, you won’t need expensive dedicated servers when you can get the same performance as dedicated servers at a lower cost.

Windows VPS creates a very unique environment in which our users have full ownership and total control of resources. In terms of core structure, it is actually a separate hosting server from other shared hosting servers in that the resources are shared and they can interfere with each other. Under this hosting environment, the resources and configuration are completely dedicated to the users and they have full command over bandwidth, disk space, processing and RAM.

Why Buy Windows VPS from Onlive Server?

With Onlive Server, you can choose any variant of Windows Operating System to run on your VPS like we also offers Linux Reseller Hosting packages at very affordable prices. Our Windows VPS delivers great performance with full support, and gives you complete administrative control to install and configure any software application as per the needs of your business websites. So, decide to Buy Windows VPS from us and upgrade your Business in the competitive market.

Advantages of Windows VPS

Windows VPS hosting is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting and it is getting used a lot day by day. There are many hosting providers available in the website hosting market, so choosing a trustable Windows VPS hosting is quite a difficult problem. Onlive Server suggests its users to be fully aware of the benefits of Windows VPS Hosting in order to get a complete understanding of what interests you and choose the best suitable hosting plan. Here are some advantages of getting Windows VPS hosting:-

Get High performance at Budget-Friendly prices

We provide high quality Windows VPS hosting at affordable prices, but we will never compromise on the quality of our service. We will always take responsibility for our services. Windows VPS Hosting is the right choice if you want a VPS hosting server that can give you top-notch performance at an affordable price. Even for websites that have just started their business, a very low cost Windows VPS hosting package is ideal.

1. Incomparable scalability

Our Windows-based VPS is designed to meet the widest range of business needs, and will grow as your projects scale. No worries about provisioning resources in advance in our Windows VPS — you can add them whenever you want using our Control Panel feature. It also helps in increasing your money savings. Get our upgrade-friendly feature under Windows VPS Hosting and switch the configuration up or down without any issue.

2. No allocation of resources

One of the main drawbacks of shared hosting is that many websites share the same resources. As a result, if there is an unexpected increase in traffic to a website on your shared server, you will have few resources to work with. And, your website may take longer to load the site, giving your users a poor user experience.
When you Buy Windows VPS hosting, your resources are not shared with any other website. Since each website in Windows VPS is hosted on a virtual server working in a separate environment, your website will run smoothly without any interruption, thereby providing a smooth experience to your users.

3. Buy Windows VPS with advanced security

Onlive Server has advanced level of security systems that shields your website from external dangers. Each virtual server in a Windows VPS hosting plan has a separate environment. Don’t worry about the security of your website data as we have advanced systems to secure your websites from hackers and malware attacks.

4. Get Full Control over Windows VPS

Users get complete control over Windows VPS hosting through the Onlive Server hosting package. With Virtual Private Servers you have reasonable control over your website as it is not shared with other servers. Windows VPS hosting gives you full access to all the resources and files. You have a server that is customized to your needs at any point in time in Windows VPS hosting. You can also download and install additional software whenever you need it.

5. Easy to use Windows VPS

For those businessmen who have little knowledge of technical savvy, Windows VPS is very user friendly and gives full support. The controls and interface to manage, configure, publish and modify website applications are very simple and easy to use and administer.


We offer 24×7 free technical supports which help its users to overcome their issues related to Windows VPS hosting. Whenever you need to ask anything about our Windows VPS hosting or need help related to our server management, Online Server Technical Support is available round the clock to assist you.