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Best Web Hosting Company:

If you want to promote their business. Then you have to choose higher configurable hosting plans that only will be provide leading server hosting company. Onlive Server is a leading Server Hosting Company in the hosting industry. Whenever the client needs the best server hosting plans or while come to a conclusion for choosing the appropriate hosting service then two names appear in mind namely Windows or Linux based Hosting. Both operating systems are quite different from each other. Linux is an open-source and Windows owned by Microsoft. If we think about deciding the superiority of any Server Hosting Company. Web Hosting Companies, we have to discuss various factors such as security, reliability, performance, cost, and technologies supported.

Server Access, Safety, and Security –

The company offer Server Hosting plans with both Linux and Windows Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS hosting plan that allows you to access your web server through FTP, but Linux is more secure and convenient especially for Dubai, Australia, and Germany location, particularly when you try to access your server. Onlive Server Hosting Company is far better than other Web Hosting Companies. Even if Windows also allow SSH services, it runs much slower compared to its set off.

Technologies Supported – If the user doesn’t have proper knowledge about server hosting then they required profession technical support team. Mainly developed for Linux and thus works the best when running on Linux. You may also use this scripting language with Windows but you may have to face a lot of issues such as slower speed and bugs. Perhaps this is the reason Linux web hosting is more popular than Windows web hosting.

Windows – Windows also have many technologies that work fine enough, other than Microsoft products that are mainly designed for Windows. The client can easy to use window based server.

Consistency and Scalability – Linux and Windows-based Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting plans are considered highly reliable when it comes to specifying it in terms of uptime. Web Hosting Companies is mainly used for online business. When it comes to reliability and uptime Windows is much better than its challenger. Perhaps this is the reason why most of the e-commerce websites run on Windows hosting.

Higher Secure Interface – Onlive Server Hosting Company is occasionally measured as more secure than Windows servers. They hardly ever need to be rebooted and most arrangement changes can be completed without a start again.

Affordable Hosting Plans – The price of server hosting is cheaper in comparison to other Web Hosting Companies. Windows and Linux based server most of the webmaster prefers buying this hosting. It costs less to Windows hosting. Without a doubt, deciding the better hosting service entirely depends upon your needs and specifications when you need the server hosting. Windows is expensive but offers better reliability, whereas Linux has some qualities which are used very often, Windows-based Server Hosting is the best choice if need the hosting services for any location. Most of the people using Linux hosting hardly move to Windows and those who are fond of Microsoft technologies stick to Windows hosting. Thus, everything you have to check your Server Hosting Company that you choose for both the services.

Technical Support – Technical support will significantly depend on who you choose to help you host your site. If you need an industrial service to host your website, you should discuss your needs with a support team from whichever hosting company you choose to confirm they can provide the level of support you need.

So, keep on visiting Onlive Server official website to know more about Linux Web Hosting/Windows Web Hosting.