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What is cPanel?

Name any tool, to create, manage and manage websites through one of the best web browsers. cPanel Web Hosting is always ready with them all. The prime objective of cPanel is to make the web hosting experience something to remember forever. Now, no administrator can imagine that a website is managed without cPanel.

In addition to managing files, cPanel manages FTP, creates backups, and manages email as well. Due to cPanel, now only new entrants in the field of website development and hosting find it very easy to work and the goal is very easy to achieve. All these together made cPanel one of the most preferred alternatives to Control Panel.

What is cPanel web hosting?

All the people working in the digital sector or not are aware of the concept and importance of web hosting. It has been allowing businesses and individuals to host their own websites or web pages and place them online. Therefore, you will need a hosting service even for such tasks. This is when it comes to cPanel hosting India.

So cPanel Web Hosting is a kind of shared hosting which is operated by the control panel company named cPanel. Shared hosting is one in which small websites i.e. the quantity of traffic on them is low. Multiple low-traffic websites are hosted simultaneously within the same platform, but have their own dedicated section of the hard drive for their own files. Hosting accounts and websites are managed by the web host only through the Control Panel. cPanel gives your website the advantage of adding new email addresses and installing new software or creating additional websites if needed.

cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel vs. Other Control Panels

Although there are many control panels available in the market, none of them is even close to cPanel in terms of service and features. Not every control panel is as easy to use as cPanel and comes with limited features. cPanel acquired prevalence because other control panels made the experience too sophisticated and in-escapable process for novices.

It has been observed that the less features control panel reduces the ability of the user to trace the possibilities whether it is in hosting or otherwise. cPanel is the global leader in all the control panels that come with an edge here and there with its own advantages. For cPanel, it is not only about setting the benchmark of being the best but constantly developing and adding new features and hence making the entire website experience more and more advanced. And this is the place where cPanel wins the opposition each time on the grounds that the remainder of the control panel brand doesn’t have that much potential and space for steady self-development and hence has unshackle with next to no opportunity to get better.

The “Web Drive” feature makes it easy for you to manage, organize, upload, download and navigate all your web files.

Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

After getting a proper deep understanding about cPanel, let us see what features cPanel hosting offers in itself. The Features that come at cPanel Hosting cost is a take bargain for any little, medium or huge scale site. Let us look at all the features and benefits of cPanel hosting one by one-

  1. There is no complication in updating and maintaining it like other control panels.
  2. Despite having so many advanced features, understanding and using cPanel is like a piece of cake and does not require any specific technical knowledge.
  3. Adding extra functionality with cPanel is so easy and a one-click task.
  4. With cPanel you don’t need to worry if you are thinking of migrating to another host server. The transfer process is so smooth and takes the portability to the next level.
  5. Supports so many third-party apps and thus offers a lot more than you would expect.

Why Choose cPanel Web Hosting from Onlive Server?

Planning to upgrade your website from shared hosting to VPS server, then Cloud VPS with cPanel is the best option as cPanel is very important for every VPS. It is cost effective and allows the user to complete VPS done on time. Helps to manage server tasks. From time to time, secure Cloud VPS with cPanel/WHM in fingertips to ensure 100% uptime. And keep the OS updated, protect user-hosted cPanel VPS servers from external scams, etc. And using Cloud VPS with cPanel is the best solution for website owners. Because it is cheap and allows you to get the most responsive as well as secure VPS hosting services.

With regards to Onlive Server’s Cloud VPS with cPanel. We plan to integrate each physical VPS server into multiple virtual servers with dedicated individual RAM and disk space. Budget, make best use of resources and host your VPS server at cheap price, with great management features available, any budget VPS hosting plan as per user requirement, Free trial for 15 days, and Free cPanel license With free cPanel license, regular data backup, bullet proof security and 24/7 technical support available at any time.