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This can be a tough decision if you’re new to web hosting, but don’t worry! we offer some useful advice that will help you select the right option for your needs and your budget. You want to take your e-commerce business to the next level, but you are not sure about how to do it. There are many options available today, and you need to find out which one works best for you. One of the best solutions out there is USA Dedicated Server from Onlive Server. It can help you to optimize your online business and create a long-lasting impression on the minds of your customers. We offer a 99% up-time guarantee that allows our clients to carry out their business without being interrupted by any technical problem or issues with our web hosting service. Find out more about us at the Onlive Server website now!

About us

We are a business web hosting company based in India. We provide our clients with premium web hosting and dedicated Server solutions. That too at low-end prices. Our USA Dedicated Server has been customized to meet all your business needs, whether small or big. Whether you want us to host a few blogs for you or set up a high-traffic eCommerce store for you. We have got everything covered for you. You just need to tell us what and how much we can do for you! WordPress Web Hosting. is one of our most popular services among enterprise-class businesses all over India.

If you have built a mobile app, then Android App Hosting from Onlive Server is something that will make your app stand out from the crowd, apart from getting it hosted professionally. Windows VPS Hosting if you already own a domain name then don’t worry about buying an additional domain name.

How do we Provide Quality Services?

As an experienced team of young professionals. We provide all our customers with USA Dedicated Server to ensure the fast and smooth running of their online business. Whether it is WordPress Web Hosting or custom website development services. We offer you high-quality support at affordable prices. You can always contact us via phone, email, or chat if you need any help or have some questions in your mind. We will respond to all your queries as soon as possible. So, that you are able to manage your server efficiently.

What is the Dedicated Server Plans Offers?

There are two types of hosting plans. That we offer to our customers: dedicated server hosting and shared web hosting. With a dedicated server, you’ll get your own physical server with unlimited resources in a private data center. Which means you’ll be able to host your websites without any hassles or limitations. In contrast, a shared web hosting plan is an affordable option that lets you share resources with other website owners. If you don’t need full-time access to your account, it might make sense for you to go with a shared hosting plan as it comes at an inexpensive price. We also allow you to upgrade from one type of package to another at any time; all packages come at cost-effective rates so that everyone can enjoy their benefits.

How Can I Get in Touch with Support?

Some hosting companies will do all they can to keep their customers happy, but there is only so much a support person can do when their hands are tied. At Onlive Server, we want you to be able to get in touch with our support team, no matter what time of day it is. We have trained professionals ready to help you out whenever you need them. When dealing with a dedicated server from us, you can rest assured that your team will be just a click away.

Something about WordPress Web Hosting

So, we at Onlive Server take complete ownership of all our hosting services. We use only best-of-class hardware, a state-of-the-art control panel, and high-quality software to ensure a smooth experience for your site’s visitors and owners. Our expert team is standing by 24/7/365 to address any issues you may have and to ensure that your WordPress Web Hosting never goes down – not even once! It doesn’t matter what size website you own or what level of service you require – our customized web hosting packages will make sure you get exactly what you need at affordable prices.


This way, you will be able to get a dedicated server at an affordable price from a web hosting company, which is known for offering quality services. Thus, you will be assured of getting your WordPress website on a reliable and secured platform, which would assist in business growth. You can check out our USA Dedicated Server to find more information about us and know how we can help you with your business. If you still have any queries regarding us or if you want to book our service, and then feel free to write back! We will be happy to serve you better.