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About Best Dedicated Server-

Dedicated server is a little bit expensive type of hosting, but it offers a variety of benefits. It is ideal for large-scale websites that require a high amount of security and resources. Similarly, a large-scale website may not function properly on low-end servers. With dedicated servers, you can choose the hardware and upgrade the system as needed. Also, it can handle a high volume of transactions and high traffic. Onlive Server provides Best Dedicated Server with total security to your website. It conducts to increased security, reliability and scalability . And you have full control over how the server gets set up and includes custom software options. So it is one of the highest performance hosting options.

It is a great choice for medium and large businesses as it meets the needs of a rising business. Improving security is the most important reason for using a best dedicated server. It is the best server that suits your business needs.

Basic Benefits of Best Dedicated Server-

There are various benefits, one of them being responsibility. An individual person, business, or organization that uses a shared server also shares the same resources, which affects the speed and overall performance of the server. It is not having to share the duplicate resources will help to increase speed and performance.

A different benefit of using a dedicated server is security. It increases your site’s safety, and at the same time not negatively impact your website performance. Another advantage is flexibility. You also have the chance to change the platform way that helps to manage your projects in the best way possible.

Some advantages-

1-Performance and Reliability– A best dedicated server provides your business with high performance and reliability. Your website secures all the resources required during the high-traffic scenarios and it will be offered to you with round technical assistance and will be 24*7 observation and troubleshoot the problems.

2-Security- With the use of it, you can limit the access permissions to your company only. The server comes along with security monitoring. It means that you will be allocated with higher security against malware, virus attacks and hacks, and the network is monitored 24*7. It helps to stop any attacks by data separation.

3-Privacy– With best dedicated servers, you can go a long way by building up towards a powerful security system. Many hosting companies practice various major ways to keep your business data secure, but no software protection can compete with physical separation of the data and dedicated servers will executively do that.

How to Choose Best Dedicated Server?

Exploring for the correct and best dedicated server provider that fixes your needs may seem like a tough task. Various providers and connection data centers may declare to be the one you need.

There are lots of benefits to having a best dedicated server but you have to know what kind of best dedicated server and what requirements you are looking for. It will make sure the ability for your business to grow and be profitable.

Difference between Best Dedicated Server and Best Reseller Hosting-

Onlive Server offers the Best Dedicated Server at very affordable prices. It is the smart choice for all small and medium businesses as it meets the need of a growing business and it helps to update your server according to the business needs. With this flexibility, you can be more open to the newer opportunities that come your way and manage up with unexpected markets.

Onlive Server provides great and Best Reseller Hosting at reliable prices it is very affordable and useful for all business purposes. You generally set your own pricing and conditions and as long as you work within the host’s own conditions and you also operate as you see fit. With reseller hosting you purchase web hosting services and then sell the server space and advantages to other customers.


If you are covering slow page loading, constant errors coming back on database requests and pages timing out due to server overload then switching to a best dedicated server is the right choice to make for your business growth. It provides you with extreme flexibility, scalability. This best dedicated server provides better performance and reliability, which gives your customers better-viewing experience.