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VPS Hosting by Onlive Server operates on the principle of virtual reality. Where a single physical server divided into multiple virtual machines with the help of virtualization software called a hypervisor. Norway VPS Server dedicated to dedicated services based on user needs. However, unlike the Shared Hosting system, the performance of each virtual server is independent of other servers. Also, since they do not share the same IP address. Any website corruption does not adversely affect other websites on the same server. This makes it an appropriate promotion from Shared Hosting and is aptly named by your natural follower.

Differences between VPS hosting and Cloud hosting

  1. VPS Server does not tolerate errors as it is located on a single virtual server. While Cloud tolerates errors, as it is available on various physical servers.
  2. A VPS Server cannot guarantee the use of certain services due to the technology you use. On the other hand, a cloud server may verify what a rented client is using.
  3. The latter brings us to that, the Cloud server you pay for what you really eat. And the VPS server does not.
  4. On a VPS Server Hosting. When you run out of resources. The server may crash, though very often it slows down, both for you. And for other clients on the same physical server. If it is well prepared and the size, this should not happen.
  5. Cloud servers are more expensive than VPS: VPS hosting servers charge a fixed fee each month. But Cloud servers will be charged based on the usage of the services you make.
  6. The Cloud Server can convert all server resources from the console hard drives. And processor cores, amount of RAM memory, etc. change “provided goods.

Advantages of Norway VPS Which Make it a Better Choice for High Traffic Websites

Increased Reliability: – The Shared Hosting Server may start to slow down or take a break as traffic increases. VPS hosting has better capabilities to manage traffic escalation. Norway VPS hosting offers a Dedicated Server user attraction as all resources, provided by a specific virtual server, are used on a single website. Therefore, it places less difficulty on the server and as a result. The provides better reliability for your website compared to shared hosting.

Freedom of software: –

In Shared hosting, your choice of software and operating system is limited to the preferences of the hosting provider. But with Norway VPS Hosting, you can install the operating system of your choice. Also, you can choose a VPS hosting plan if you do not want to get into server management technology. Onlive Server provides the help of professionals who can take care of the configuration and software requirements. Which can allow your website to capture high traffic.

Take Full Control of the Server: –

In addition to free software with VPS Hosting, you get full root access to your virtual environment. This is important for people who want to upgrade their server and install additional applications needed to manage high traffic. Also, security applications are an important part of traffic management.

Availability of Dedicated Services: –

Unlike Shared Hosting. Where virtual server resources shared between websites hosted on that server. Norway VPS Server allows a dedicated site with a limited number of single website resources. While services may be increased or decreased according to need. The use of resources on other websites does not affect your website in any way.

Better Security: –

Cyber ​​hackers and spammers often target websites with high traffic. The virtual environment and VPS Hosting account separation make it less vulnerable to cyber security threats. Also, cheap VPS Hosting provides you full root access which gives you full control over your server, and, in turn, allows you to install security apps of your choice and customize the server to further enhance security.

Seamless Scalability: –

If you were using an e-commerce business website, you would have experienced an increase in traffic during sales. And then, it would come to mind if you had the opportunity to measure your resources. Norway VPS Hosting can easily resolve this issue. With VPS Hosting on your website. You can easily upgrade your services as the server a virtual domain integrated from the Norway VPS Server.

Accessibility: –

Norway VPS Server appropriately considered as a medium between Shared Hosting and Dedicated. It offers dedicated services, account splits, full root access, and high customization, making it an inexpensive option and a natural follower of shared hosting.

Reliable Customer Support: –

While VPS hosting plans come with full root access, managing them can be difficult for users with no previous technical knowledge. This is where moment by day, the support of dedicated professionals comes into play. VPS Server providers understand that most of their users may not be aware of the complexities of server management and therefore, they offer 24 × 7 customer support.

Conclusion Norway VPS Hosting solution is the most affordable and reliable hosting solution for web owners. A VPS hosting solution is much better than shared hosting. It gives you the freedom to do things on your own. You can install any software you want and you can also install several different software on different partitions on the same VPS. You can install and configure any software you like. And also gives reliable tech support via Skype, Whatsapp, Email, Live Chat, and Phone Calls.