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Most companies these days use Cloud VPS servers to offer services such as backup storage, remote access, email account hosting, and many more without having to buy any expensive hardware. Onlive Server offers the Best Cloud VPS server which is an excellent solution for those who require the convenience of renting server space without having to worry about maintaining the hardware themselves. In this article, you will be able to understand the right solution to use Cloud VPS hosting for your business.

Introduction to Cloud VPS Hosting

A Cloud VPS is an arrangement of virtual private servers connected to a shared network and storage equipment that can be accessed via the Internet through a hosting provider. It provides scalable and virtualized resources as a service, which are usually purchased on payment for what you use. Basically, by using a cloud VPS, you can get instant access to a new server. You can do this without needing to migrate your data or change your server.

Benefits of Using a Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS hosting has many useful benefits for any business such as fast deployment, scalability, accessibility, storage, and advanced level of security. We have listed down the major benefits of using Cloud VPS Hosting for your business:-

Fast Deployment

One of the major advantages of cloud VPS hosting is that virtual servers can be set up rapidly with a few clicks of a button. You’ll find yourself in a better position to start your projects early, show your creations to clients faster, and benefit from the growth in business you can get from not wasting time waiting for servers to build.

Ease of Development and Expansion

Cloud VPS hosting allows you to easily expand RAM, disk space or increase CPU cores in just a few clicks. This is the perfect solution if you are looking for a cost-effective without interrupting your service. Your website won’t even need to be migrated.


Cloud VPS hosting has a major advantage in terms of global accessibility. With Internet access, you can access your data and service from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Level of Security

Cloud VPS servers are more secure as they have separate or dedicated RAM, CPU and other components. Even so, because this option has a built-in advanced level of security system, your data is always protected from malware and hackers.

Fully Controllable

Cloud VPS Server allows you to customize your settings in any way that suits your needs. With Cloud VPS you have unlimited root access, which means you can easily set up your own OS and Control Panel. There is an unlimited number of programs and applications you can develop.

Better Cooperation

All your data is kept in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about finding it everywhere. This makes it much easier to work with members of your team while chasing a project or a different paper, saving them the time and effort needed for better collaboration.

Difference Between Cloud or VPS

The biggest difference between Cloud and VPS is its scalability. If you would like to launch an application as quickly as possible and do not care about its scalability, a VPS server are often an excellent start line. Whereas, if you demand flexible hosting and a high level of website performance and storage, it is a perfect option to opt for cloud hosting.


Cloud VPS is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses with variable features and demands. Linux Reseller Hosting is also a great option if you want to start your own business website. It also gives you the same level of security and control. Get affordable plans from the Onlive Server and experience the growth of your business.