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Why India Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is definitely a tough thing to deal with. There are a lot of things that one has to do in order to make sure that the server performs well. One can avoid all the tension by opting for a third-party India Dedicated Server, however, just going out and buying for any of the random providers will be the worst idea to go with. In order to get the best of the dedicated servers, one must understand the fact that it is more likely to perform best when the quality of the server is optimized the best.

One of such hosting providers is Onlive Server, who promises to provide both cheap and quality service when we talk about a dedicated server. The best part of the hosting provider is that it is new in the market and thus is bound to provide newness when one opts for its dedicated server.

Well, not wasting time anymore, let’s move forward to tactics to optimist your cheap dedicated server.

  1. Priority Settings – One of the easiest ways to deal with a dedicated server and optimizing its performance is by adjusting the priority settings available. One can set the priority settings as per his needs and thus make changes required. This will give one the power to adjust the specific performance that the dedicated server will perform and the timing for which it will. One can set the priority to normal or high performance as per the needs. When a person set it to ‘high performance’, the loading time of the site decreases to a great extent, however, it puts a lot of pressure on the server and also consumes a lot of the space.
  2. JavaScript Delivery – One of the worst problems faced by people is having unexplained lags while loading the page. The whole idea of having a dedicated server is to make your site perform well. However, with this unexplained lag, the whole money can go wasted. This can happen due to the large JavaScript which takes an hour to be completed. Browsers usually stop loading the page until and unless the whole Javascript has been read. This leads to a phenomenon known as JavaScript Render – Blocking which results in slow loading of the site.

Remember if your site is using CSS or JavaScript it is very important for the user to visit the codes on a regular basis and optimise the same in order to improve the loading speed.

  • Security – Security is not always meant for protection, it is also about enhancing your daily lifestyle. Same is with having security as your prior concern when we talk about India Dedicated Server. By making security a prior concern, one can easily deal with the risk of downtime, slow loading and other issues which affect the server for a long period of time. DDoS attacks are very common and make to protect DDoS is easy to find anywhere. Adopt the same and therefore find the best way out of it.

Well, opting the ways mention out above can easily optimise the performance of your site, therefore, providing the best of the facilities to your audience. In fact, the best part of the story lies in the dedicated server itself. Without a properly optimised dedicated server, a site can never perform well.

The whole headache can be transferred to a third person by opting for the services provided by a hosting provider. Be smart and value your time properly in order to make such investments.