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With so many powerful features, users may wonder why VPS Hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. Your Netherlands VPS server shares the powerful software, storage, and network infrastructure of our cloud platform. With other Cloud Server while maintaining their own virtual environment.

This means that their data is protected and resources are allocated entirely to their server. Giving a user complete control and superior performance perfect for businesses that need more than shared hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

Netherlands VPS hosting proposals you plenty of the same features. You would expect from a dedicated server but at costs much less than a dedicated server host. Shared web hosting can seem to be of amazing value. With feature-packed products available for just a few pounds every month.

Virtual private servers give you the power and flexibility of a dedicated server, without the high cost. Virtualization allows us to slice a powerful Dedicated Server into multiple virtual machines, enabling us to share resources while still keeping processes separated for enhanced security and reliability.

Features of Netherlands VPS

Onlive Server-based VPS solution includes root access, giving you full control of your server. Each VPS can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently restarted. Control your VPS via SSH or our industry-leading Web Manager, including reboot, shutdown and OS reinstalls.

VPS Hosting lets you scale up or down to meet your computing needs and budget. It’s a cost-effective and reliable solution for many website owners. VPS hosting is a great option for you if you need the control and flexibility of a dedicated server at a more affordable price than a physical dedicated server.

Why choose Netherlands VPS for your business website?

Your VPS hosting plan is seamlessly connected to the same network as our shared hosting. You’ll have all the surgical precision of a dedicated environment, and all of the ease of use that comes with a Shared Hosting plan. VPS can offer a tempting solution to most business problems. The advantages are that you have full control over the hosting environment and your company can build extensive IT solutions along with other benefits such as being able to run all the software you need.

Onlive Server-based Netherlands VPS Hosting plans give you root-level access, so you can install your own applications and use your own custom configurations across a dedicated environment. Ideal for high-traffic websites, resource-intensive applications, and customized setups. With our VPS hosting package, you get a fully-managed virtual private server with full root-level access, monitoring, and more. Whether you need to create a robust online store or just looking to run an online experience site, we can pair you with a VPS solution that’s going to allow you the flexibility, speed, and power today’s Internet demands.

Some Aspects of choosing Netherlands VPS

VPS hosting makes sense for high-traffic sites that require multiple resources, or for sites that require additional security. A dedicated IP address and a dedicated server resource can make all the difference to your site’s quality. Keep your web presence up and running at full speed with our VPS hosting packages. These affordable plans are easy to manage and provide the flexibility to upgrade to a more robust, feature-rich package as your website grows.

Depending on your business needs, you may start with a virtual private server where you have a partition in a larger machine. As your hosting needs grow and you acquire more resources, you can upgrade to a dedicated server. Whatever your needs, we’ll create the perfect hosting solution for you.

Benefits of Netherlands VPS

A Netherlands VPS Hosting account gives you more freedom and control. We give you root access, so you’re able to access and edit all of your server’s files! You get full administrative control just like running your own dedicated server.

Onlive Server-based VPS hosting includes the speed and flexibility of dedicated resources, with the management benefits of shared hosting. Root access, an intuitive control panel, and an assortment of professional tools for developers make for a truly user-friendly experience. Get a VPS hosting package from Onlive Server and easily scale resources to your growing site. We make it easy to manage your VPS hosting using cPanel and Plesk, so you can spend more time developing your site and less time managing it.

Why Netherlands VPS Hosting plan is Best For Small Business?

Virtual Private Server hosting offers you a dedicated, flexible, and scalable server environment on which to host your business-critical applications and give you that edge over your competitors. Take your business to the next level with our premium VPS plans. A VPS gives you the convenience and control of a dedicated server while scaling to match your growing needs. Full root access, SSH, and cPanel for managing your account. Fully managed VPS – with hardware, network, OS, and control panel support. Easy scalability – add more RAM and CPU cores as you grow your business.

Netherlands VPS hosting is a mix of dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It gives you the independence of dedicated hosting, VPS hosting provides you guaranteed resources and great performance while only paying a fraction of what dedicated servers cost. A VPS gives you more control and flexibility over your website.

Our plans start with more storage space, more memory, and a larger bandwidth so you can build a more robust website that’s capable of handling traffic spikes while providing faster load times. The extra storage space will give you room to grow without spending even more on dedicated servers when your website becomes popular.


Onlive Server-based Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is ideally suited for the intermediate website owner who needs more power than just a shared instance, but not quite enough to go dedicated. VPS instances are highly scalable, billed hourly, and include access to a premium network connection. Get started with a VPS today. Choose the Onlive Server fully managed services with 24*7 technical support at a competitive price in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up Now!