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What Is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a remote server that is absolutely assigned to a single person, organization, or even a solitary application. A service provider, cloud provider, or hosting provider naturally succeeds dedicated servers. These are mandatory because of their many advantages. Buy Dedicated server hosting is a solitary hosting environment dedicated definitely to a single client’s website. It’s the greatest option if you want to occupancy a whole server for your sole use so you’d get complete control over it and its configurations. The whole server resources are allocated to your site, it is worth more than any other hosting decision. You’ll also have to characterize a system administrator who knows the ins and outs of managing a dedicated server so that your website drives smoothly.

How to buy a dedicated server

Purchasing a dedicated server is not a decision that you should make in speed. Is a dedicated server that is very exclusive compare to a shared server or VPS server. Companies that get a lot of incoming traffic must select to sign up for hosting because a dedicated server will guarantee enhanced security, higher uptime, and reliability, better scalability, support, and flexibility. Order our cheap dedicated server.

Buy dedicated servers that provide 24/7 support

Though, before you purchase a dedicated server, you should confirm that the hosting provider can offer your round-the-clock support through live chats, phone calls, and emails. Without constant technical support, it is not thinkable to resolve glitches that may happen from time to time. Problems undetected and unresolved cause problems in websites to slow down. Latency and downtime cause your website to progressively lose network traffic and visitors lean towards moving away to other sites that offer a good customer experience.

Buy from hosts giving both Linux and Windows dedicated hosting

Purchasing dedicated servers, you should confirm that the host is well prepared to support all Linux and Windows servers. Linux servers are classically low-priced but when you run applications including.Net technology, you will necessity to select a Windows-only environment. Windows dedicated servers are expensive as they have licensing fees involved. Moreover, with Windows dedicated servers, you must ensure that the host provides you with good quality hardware and not a group of outdated components. Search out our dedicated server hosting plans for more details. Select machines with more strong security dedicated server hosting you select should be able to offer you strong protection from hacking efforts through the operative use of firewall and antivirus. More prominently, patches and upgrades should be up to time and configured as moved out the provider.

Select dedicated machines with more strong security dedicated server hosting

you select should be able to offer you strong protection from hacking efforts through the effective use of firewall and antivirus. More prominently, patches and upgrades should be up to time and configured just as they are moving out by the provider.

When to purchase a dedicated server?

It is a good time to buy a server for your business:     

When your website wants to grow your website has expanded its previous shared or virtual private server.

When your website requires more bandwidth

  Your website desires more security

   If your website necessity more control

If you need to be well prepared for data disaster

   When you can explosive out some money for the premium server configuration

   Proficiency is needed to upkeep, a server isn’t accessible

   your website is I/O quick to respond to.

  you need your website 24*7 on any of the above conditions to describe your situation, it is about time you credited a dedicated server.


Features you get when you purchase dedicated server hosting from Onlive Server

         World-class server organization

         Scalability on demand

          Hardened security and isolated environment

          Administrative access

         Surprising server configuration

          24*7 high availability & technical support

          Multiple and free operating system selection

         Freedom in the selection of hardware

          Variety of choices of control panels

          Top-tier technical support

 Managed and Unmanaged Hosting: What’s best for you?

 A managed dedicated server suggests that all maintenance, upgrades, and deployment will take maintenance of the host. A managed dedicated server is not essentially better or faster than its unmanaged complement. Reliant on your use case, you may select either of the two options.

When to select an unmanaged server?

When control is what you eventually want from your server. You need to save a little on the obtaining cost and do not mind some additional efforts.

When to select a managed dedicated server?

When you can trade some control for suitability when the expertise needed to maintain a server is not accessible on-site.

Cost-Effective Servers for Your Business Applications

Dedicated servers aren’t inexpensive but they cost every penny invest. These strong servers have sufficient power to support all your business applications at once. You distinguish your business requirements better than anybody, which is why we permit our clients to modify and run business-specific explanations to maximize productivity. You would sign a sudden surge in performance when you interchange your website with the Onlive Server data center. We offer inexpensive servers that distribute optimal performance and reliability.

SSD Dedicated Server Hosting at a Glimpse

SSD or Solid-State Initiative is a new-age storage device that uses microchips to store information, different from a spinning drive platter in an outdated HDD or Hard Disk Drive. The SSDs are much quicker than the HDDs as they choose information from the chips, as opposed to HDDs that use mechanical support with a reading/writing head to spin about for information from the acceptable location on the storage platter which is a time-consuming method. This is the elementary difference between the two storage devices.

Onlive Server offers Best WordPress Hosting always uses SSDs to store your websites’ files and data since we can’t afford to compromise on speed and performance.

Carrying benefits of SSD storage together with a Dedicated Server

Wonderfully improves the hosting experience as in dedicated server hosting, a whole server is allocated to serve the requirements of a single client. No other customer can share the resources of a server in India; hence the client achieves root-level access to his/her server. This offers clients to do widespread customization so as to meet their definite business needs, though SSD storage speeds up input/output rate and database entree time by multifold.