Sweden Dedicated Server

Sweden Dedicated Server: Get Top-Notch Security, Reliability & Control over your Server


Are you looking for the fastest Sweden Dedicated Server? Onlive Server offers the best-dedicated servers for your individual needs. Our hosting packages include basic server packages with high performance, unlimited traffic, and full technical support. Would you like to find out more about our server types, customized plans, and prices? then continue…

What is a Dedicated server?

Sweden Dedicated Server is one of the most powerful and single servers which is used by one particular client. It has various types of dedicated servers such as Linux Dedicated Server, Windows Dedicated Server, and much more.

It is a hosting plan in which the entire server is dedicatedly used by only one client. The main feature of this server is that it gives you a best-in-class performance along with full control over your server. You can install different kinds of software or applications on this dedicated server and use them for your own purposes. Onlive Server is one of the best service providers in this field who provides you with all kinds of dedicated servers at a very low price.

The features of Sweden Dedicated Server:

This server has all the features and resources which are required for a website to run smoothly. The features include:

It provides you with a Fully Managed Service with 24/7 Support Services

This server has an Ultra-Fast Hardware Configuration

It offers you with Fastest Data Transfer Speed

It provides you with full root access so that you can configure your web server as per your requirements. You can also install new software and applications on it according to your needs.

Why Choose Onlive Server for Sweden Dedicated Server?

Onlive Server Provides Cheap Sweden Dedicated Server Hosting with 99.99% uptime and also 24/7 technical support. We offer you to choose a plan as per your business requirement. The server hosting is mainly used to host websites on the internet. Every website that is connected to the internet needs a server for hosting its web pages. Without a server, it is not possible to host any website.

Sweden Dedicated Server Hosting is a high-performance server that provides full control over the resources and it also helps you to maintain your site easily. The main advantage of dedicated server hosting is that you can manage your website in an effective way and you can get high security, privacy, and reliability.

We offer Sweden Dedicated Server Hosting at an affordable price so that everyone can easily buy it. For high-end security, we use the latest hardware and software technologies in our servers. Onlive Server offers both Linux and Windows operating systems so that you can choose the best operating system as per your requirements.

We also provide various types of server hosting such as dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting, etc. But the dedicated server is the most popular type of web hosting and it offers many benefits to the users.

Basic server packages with high performance:

Our dedicated servers are built for performance and reliability. With 24/7 support, one of Sweden’s largest networks, and customer-friendly service, you can be sure that your server is in good hands. We also offer a solution where we manage the entire server environment for you with our managed servers, which means that we handle everything from installation to maintenance and monitoring. Our managed servers Provide a complete IT department at a fraction of the costs compared to hiring your own IT department.


With years of experience, Onlive Server is one of the leading providers of premium dedicated server hosting in Sweden. We connect you with only the fastest, most reliable, and secure dedicated servers in Sweden; we have a world-class data center facility that features redundant power and cooling systems.