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If you’re looking to host your website in the best way possible, Canada Dedicated Server should be your first stop on your search. They offer dedicated hosting in Canada which comes with exclusive features and benefits that are not available in shared hosting or VPS hosting. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, it’s more important than ever to get your website set up properly from the beginning. Take advantage of this opportunity to ensure success for your business by choosing Canada Dedicated Server as your web hosting provider!

What is Canada Dedicated Server?

Canada Dedicated Server offers exclusive features and benefits like Linux Dedicated Servers, Best Dedicated Servers, and much more. You can find your best hosting package here. These packages are available at a reasonable price in addition to a 99.9% uptime guarantee for server issues, 24×7 customer support, and instant account activation.

What do you understand by Canada Dedicated Server?

Linux Dedicated Server means that your own hardware and software will reside in a network of its own. You don’t share any hardware or bandwidth with other clients. A best-dedicated server will provide you with total control over the environment – installing software, making updates, backing up data, and more. There are multiple plans that come with premium support included which can help you get started quickly and set up backups for your Linux-based operating system (OS). The managed dedicated server will be monitored by staff 24/7 on top of an award-winning uptime guarantee. Furthermore, this service features green renewable energy production from local hydroelectric dams as well as free site transfer assistance when moving from shared hosting or VPS hosting.

The Control Panel

The best hosting providers have various control panels. A Linux Dedicated Server runs CentOS 7, while a Windows Dedicated Server has Windows 2008 as its operating system. More than that, they come with exclusive features and benefits not available in other types of hosting solutions. This includes PHP7 which offers more compatibility and much better performance than PHP5, PostgreSQL which allows you to store vast amounts of data, OpenSSH for secure remote access, and great customer service for your managed dedicated server!

Data Center Security

One of the biggest differences between a shared hosting environment and a dedicated server is that shared hosting providers cannot typically offer you any guarantees about your server’s location or IP address. Meanwhile, on a managed dedicated server, we would provide you with both a fixed public IP address as well as access to one of our three Linux-based platforms: CentOS 7, Fedora 26, and Debian 9. With this level of control and knowledge of your server’s location, it would be much easier for us to ensure that it stays safe against malicious attacks or data leaks.

SSD Storage

Canada Dedicated Server features fast SSD storage for better loading speeds. Rather than having to wait for your browser or application to request and load files from a hard drive, it can pull them from an SSD which requires much less time and power. This means no more waiting around for your applications or browser pages to load! Canada Dedicated Servers are made for high-end performance and speed so you can enjoy your site’s content right away.

A Business IP Address

In need of a reliable way to host your website? When it comes to hosting, Canada Dedicated Server offers the best IP addresses for speed and uptime. Not only that, but their Dedicated IPs come with access to priority services such as backup or rescue that are not available in shared hosting or VPS hosting. This guarantees a company’s need for its sites and that its data will be kept safe at all times. With these exclusive features and benefits, you don’t have anything more than peace of mind when it comes time for your site’s next step in development.

Managed Services Options

You want to give your customers the best possible experience with your business. That’s why we provide you with multiple Managed Services Options. We can handle tasks such as website management, hosting, or even offloading specific computing processes and jobs onto our systems.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Canadian Web host has set the bar high by giving their clients a 99.99% uptime guarantee. With this guarantee, you are guaranteed 99.99% of uptime which means that if your server goes down for 30 minutes in a whole year, then you will receive a rebate for 30 minutes of hosting time that was lost due to downtime. You also get FREE backups, custom control panels, and a one-click installer as part of your best-dedicated server package.

Why did most people use dedicated servers?

Most people use dedicated servers because they come with exclusive features and benefits that are not available in shared hosting or VPS hosting. The best example of a feature is automatic virus protection which other hosting companies don’t offer. Downtime happens less often on dedicated servers, so you can be more productive with your time. You also have faster internet speed since it is used only by you and there are no other users on the same hardware. You also get the freedom to do what you want with your server since it’s all yours, meaning that nobody else can change anything without your permission unless it’s some kind of system update for the company itself.


Canada Dedicated Server will offer you a high quality of service at a fair price. They also offer additional features that other hosting companies can’t. If you are looking for a company that specializes in providing solutions for people with specific needs, then this is the perfect choice for you. It does not matter if you need Linux or Windows or want to build your own operating system, this company has an extensive history of success when it comes to providing solutions for their customers.